1970 911T
The 911 is currently going through a protracted rebuild and modification process. The car has always been a daily driver and weekend plaything for trackdays. My aim is to make the car more suitable for this by rectifying all the nasty bits that needed attention and generally simplifying it to produce smart but useable 911 that will not need too much pampering. My original intention was to strip it all down to a bare shell and refurb all the running gear but I decided against it to avoid it becoming another mamouth project like the VW. I have tried to keep the whole shell mobile by keeping most of the running gear and suspension in place, and only removed things where required for access. It's still a big project but I still see it as a 'car' rather than a load of parts!

cadwell hairpin_1

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wing_support_ico Wing supports

lip_ico Front Lip

pillar_ico 'A' Pillar Base

frontend_ico Front End

rearend_ico Rear Panels

wing_ico Front Wings and Valance

wing_ico Front Lamps

dash_ico Dashboard