Yes its a cliche but....
RS Rear End
The fitting of GRP panels is nearly always a protracted and frustrating exercise, involving repeated fitting and fettling, usually in a resin laden atmosphere. This was no exception. However it was a bit of a break from all the welding and metal bashing and generally it all went according to plan.
The bare moulding.
Trial Fit.
The rear mounting brackets.
Trial fit of the mounting bracket.
The 'bumper' end brackets.
The moulding was marked up ready for surgery.
'Glassed' ready for finishing.
Reprofiled 'bumper' with brakets in place.
The initial fitting.
Trying to get a good fit.
More fettling required.
That's more like it!
First trial fit
Other side was slightly better.
Now it fits, next the finish.
Valance and Ducktail coming together.
Nearly finished.
Ready for paint.
Preparing for primer.
Yet more prep.
First colour coats.