New Panels
Wing Supports
After reading various horror stories and seeing some frightening picures of rusty 911's, I was not looking to forward to seeing what lay beneath the front wings. To my relief there was very little corrosion other than around the tops of the wing supports. It looks like I have caught it in time.
Removing the wings revealed some rot.
Nearside support was slightly worse.
Cleaned up with the rot cut out.
The cut out piece was used to make a template for the new metal.
In the process of shaping the repair piece.
The inner wing needed patching first.
Befor the repair piece could be tacked in to position.
Refitting the captive wing fixing.
Repair in place.
The nearside was alot worse.
Various refernce measurements were made before removing the old panel.
A similar repair to the inner wing was required once the old panel was removed.
Inner wing repaired.
Inner wing prepared for the new panel.
The new panel was punched and then tacked in place.
Then Plug welded in place.
Welds dressed flush.
some attention to the front edge of the sill was required.
'Invisible' mending!